About Us

Bringing a hidden treasure to the whole world

Hi I'm Lisbeth De La Cruz, founder of Palmeira Blue. Since I was a little girl, I have used Larimar and Amber jewelry. My father was born in Barahona, a province in the South region in the Dominican Republic, specifically where the only mines of Larimar in the world are. In my family I have grown up with the best artisans and have seen these beautiful creations all my life.

When I came to Canada, about 3 years ago, I brought my Larimar and Amber pieces, because they are my favorites and always close to my heart, to my roots. While wearing them here, I started to see how people loved them and appreciated those shades of blue. I have seen these gorgeous stones all my life, but many haven’t seen them at all and wanted to have one of these special pieces. That’s when I knew I had to bring a piece of my beloved country to the world, and showcase one of our best hidden treasures, and Palmeira Blue was born.

With Palmeira Blue will always have your go-to calm, tropical, happy place with you. The color of the stones will remind you of the most beautiful calm and relaxing waters. Soothing and happy memories of the ocean blues with Palmeira Blue.

I’m lucky to know the best artisans the in the world with over 40 years of experience specialized on Larimar and Amber stones. I work directly with them to create the highest quality pieces for our customers. Our designs are really special and unique, made with love for you.

In our store, you find find jewelry pieces made with Larimar and Amber.

Whoever puts their eyes for the first time on these stunningly beautiful gorgeous turquoise gemstones is simply blown away immediately by it´s amazing shades of blue, natural beauty and unique pattern. The Larimar, is a rare and special Caribbean stone, that has been found only in one place in the world: a mountainous, relatively inaccessible area in the province of Barahona in the Dominican Republic, which is situated at the island of Hispaniola, in the Caribbean Sea.

Dominican amber is beautiful and it's considered to be some of the clearest and finest amber available in the world. Most of the amber from Dominican Republic and is about 25 or 26 million years old and that also makes it really special.

It makes me really happy to see how these unique and beautiful stones travel the world.